Master Strategy, Planning & Focus

Is your organization moving decidedly forward, adapting to rapid changes, and achieving great impact in the community?

  • Does your organization need to adapt better to changing times?
  • Do you find your leaders are going in too many directions?
  • Are you having difficulty making decisions about which opportunities to pursue and which to decline?

In this fast-changing world, you need shared direction, effective strategies and clear focus to move your mission forward and achieve great impact.  

Our communities have never needed mission-based organizations more.  And we are living in times of great community rapid change.  Hire a skilled organizational consultant who can facilitate a thoughtful organizational analysis and planning process that allows your leadership team to take decisive action forward.

Check out my proven process for organizational analysis and planning!

Too many nonprofit organizations fail to make a real difference in the world.  And too many nonprofit leaders –board and staff—are frustrated with a lack of momentum and a lack of confidence that their organization is making a real difference. 

  • Do you find that your leaders are going in too many directions?
  • Are leaders in your organization having difficulty making decisions about which opportunities to pursue and which to decline?
  • Is it time for a change to improve your organization’s ability to fulfill its mission?

Leadership and strategy drive impact. Based on in-depth study of organizational effectiveness, and 20 years of experience leading mission-based organizations, I have developed a system for helping nonprofit leaders to dramatically increase their organization’s functioning and impact.

It’s not your grandpa’s strategic planning process! 

You’re not interested in leading an organization that doesn’t make a real difference in the world.  I’m not interested in leading a strategic planning process that doesn’t help with that. When you’re ready to invest time and effort in moving your mission decisively forward, I can help with organizational analysis and planning.

I have found that the best results accrue when a mission-based organization dedicates substantial time and effort to organizational analysis and planning. This process it works best when you contract for sustained engagement to support your leadership team through a process that produces a smarter, more focused and agile organization.  When I’m done, I want to be confident you can implement your plan and move your organization decisively forward toward achieving its desired impact.

Ginny was great to work with as a strategic planning facilitator.  From the time we interviewed her for the work, we could tell that she would lead the process with a thoroughness and a gentleness that would help leaders get over the uncomfortable parts.  She was very quick about picking up what we’re about and very good at guiding us decisively forward. Unlike other strategic planning processes some of us have experienced, the process Ginny led enabled us to make great strides toward achieving greater impact for our mission.Ruth Stemler, Board President, League of Women Voters of Boulder County

A PROVEN PROCESS FOR ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS AND PLANNING.  Each planning process is individualized to meet the needs of the organization; however, here is an outline of typical stages of the process:

  1. Internal Assessment. Identify the purpose and goal for the planning process. Conduct an internal assessment to identify strengths and target areas for improvement. Leaders will work harder to develop and implement a plan that is solving a problem they care about.
  2. Initial Retreat- Agree on the Big Goals.  Keep a focus on your mission and desired impact. Allow in-depth discussion on key topics, but maintain focus on the big goals. By the end of this retreat, leaders ought to have achieved agreement on big organizational purpose/ goals and identification of opportunities and identify key questions that need to be answered before key decisions can be made.
  3. Information-Gathering Phase. Explore opportunities for advancing the organization’s mission, gathering information and getting answers to questions. Often, an organization needs to conduct an environmental scan of community needs, potential partners, etc. Leaders use this time to seek answers to key questions that must be answered to complete a plan for change, growth, or advancement of the organization.
  4. Second Retreat—Decision Time! Complete the strategic plan for advancing your mission. Resolve decisions that needed answers or further consideration. Do as much as you can to complete an implementable plan, with assigned responsibilities, timelines, and indicators of success.
  5. Document and Communicate the Plan. I like to use a Logic Model format to support very thoughtful planning and to allow us to produce a one-page graphic description of the organization’s direction and theory of change. This enhances communication about direction, and supports implementation of the plan.
  6. Implement, Evaluate, and Adjust as Needed. I help leaders develop an implementation plan, a plan for regular check-ins on progress and opportunities for course corrections or investment of additional resources and supports.


I would love to help you identify the strategies and build a plan to achieve the great difference you’re in business to achieve.  Intelligent planning can really help you regain focus and build momentum!

If you are interested in discussing strategic planning or leadership coaching, please call me at (720) 443-5056 or email at

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