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When I wapromoted to management about 20 years ago, I was less skilled and effective than I expected to be.  In many ways, I really felt at a loss about how to do this– and I didn’t expect to feel that way.  I was out of my depth and really worried I would fail.  So I began to study what was known about the best managers and leaders.  Gradually, my development led to great results and impact.

I am a natural “maximizer,” skilled at discovering and maximizing the innate talents of others.  With this natural talent and 20 years of in-depth study, mentoring, and experience as a manager and leader under my belt,  I love to inspire others to become the skillful, confident, and effective mission-based leaders our world needs them to be!



Powerful, Accessible, Inspiring 

  • WOW—everything was engaging, energizing–it helps bring new energy to my work. This was the best presentation of the whole conference.
  • I was burnt out in my job, but I got energy from this talk and am now excited!
  • I liked that the presenter offered practical exercises…  took some of the mystique away from leadership and gave us real tools to become better managers.
  • You demystified management for me and I was able to wrap my head around how to become an effective manager.

Knowledgeable and Authoritative — with an Engaging and Energizing Style

  • Very engaging, provided helpful information and provoked new thinking.
  • I liked Dr. Ginny’s depth of knowledge and bright style and got real actionable ideas I can take back to my work.
  • This was very worthwhile. Ginny is very knowledgeable and very engaging.  I personally found this to be one of the most– if not the most– helpful trainings I’ve received on the job.
  • Love the audience participation and opportunity to practice new skills.
  • The videos really help illustrate the points. Awesome!  Valuable and needed information.
  • The knowledge and experience of the presenter is important, but her energy and enthusiasm really make it a learning experience.
Get in touch with Dr. Ginny about a speaking opportunity– drginny@masteringmission.com or 720-443-5056


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