Want to become a more influential leader? This is the workshop for you!


May 22nd  9:30 – 4:30  and May 23rd 10:00 – 2:00  in Southwest Denver at Sheridan Public Library

 For professionals who want to MASTER these aspects of management and leadership:

  • Learn specific strategies for building a great productive, thriving team culture
  • Manage misunderstandings and disagreements in a way that strengthens people, relationships, and organizational functioning
  • Become power literate and master the most constructive uses of influence to achieve great results
  • Learn to manage effectively up, down, and sideways to ensure that your organization benefits from your greatest contributions


FRIDAY Morning– Disagreements, Relationships, and Culture– culture eats strategy for lunch!

  1. How to develop a thriving a team culture—and turnaround a lousy culture
  2. Enacting the desired team culture
  3. Manage misunderstandings and complex disagreements with great skill, to positive result

Lunch Break

FRIDAY Afternoon — Power, Influence, and the Energy of Leadership

  1. The Energy and Culture of Leadership – by special guest Jenn Olson
  2. Power, Authority, and Influence — learn to manage feelings and attitudes (yours and others) about power and authority, learn to become confident that your influence is constructive, learn what works for influencing others, 6 principles of persuasion, and how to manage office politics in a way that works for you and for the organization

SATURDAY — Putting it all together— managing up, down, and sideways to achieve great influence and make a great impact.  To fulfill our highest purpose and mission as managers and leaders, we need to develop our influence to engage, empower, and elevate people and organizational functioning.

This workshop is NOT for managers who are content with their success in their role or managers who do not want to invest in their professional development beyond a 2 hour seminar once in awhile

Investment:  one and a half days and $487

Questions:  call Dr. Ginny Trierweiler at 720-443-5056

Register at www.masteringmission.com/events


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