Building skills in influence, persuasion, and managing effectively up, down, and sideways!

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If managers and leaders are to fulfill their highest purpose and missionthey must develop a host of insights and skills to ENGAGE, EMPOWER, AND ELEVATE  people and organizational functioning.  This is not accomplished through a handful of 2 hour seminars– it takes some investment to develop this array of insights and skills!


That’s why we developed the MASTERING MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP SERIES– Intensive Training for Managers with a Sense of Mission– to address the need for highly confident, skilled, effective managers in mission-based organizations.

The upcoming  MASTERING CONSTRUCTIVE INFLUENCE TO MAKE A GREAT POSITIVE IMPACT AS A LEADER workshop is for you if  you want to go beyond hearing some helpful ideas and truly MASTER the insights and skills of highly effective, skillful, confident managers!

When you’re ready to really MASTER management and achieve great results!

“Wow– everything was engaging and energizing– it brings new energy to my work!”


The Mastering Constructive Influence Workshop is for YOU if you want to MASTER:

• The use of power and influence to achieve great results
• Persuasion skills that allow you to achieve great, positive influence at work
• Building a productive, thriving team culture
• Practices for managing conflict and disagreements to build up people and organizations rather than breaking things down
• How to handle office politics in a way that is constructive

This Workshop is NOT for:

  • Managers who are content with their success in their role
  • Managers who do not want to invest in their professional development beyond a 2 hour seminar once in awhile
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Ginny Trierweiler, Ph.D., the Mission-Based Leadership Coach


TRAINER: Ginny is a speaker, author, psychologist, experienced nonprofit leader, and the developer and lead trainer for the Mastering Mission Workshop Series.  Through her own experience as a manager, director, and executive leader in mission-based, nonprofit organizations, she learned the importance of supporting managers to succeed in their roles.  Now, she applies her 20 years’ experience and lessons learned to training and coaching managers to maximize the brilliance of mission-based leaders and help them make a great difference in the world.


Jenn Olson

Leadership Coach and Business Strategist Jennifer Olson will offer a section on the Energy and Culture of Leadership


SIGN UP — at the Events page

WHEN: Friday May 22nd 9:30 – 4:30 + Saturday May 23rd 10:00 – 2:00

WHERE: Sheridan Public Library in Southwest Denver

INVESTMENT: This workshop is designed to help you build truly valuable skills.
The investment is 12 hours of your time + $487.
We offer 10% discount for more than one member of an organization.


  • I hadn’t even realized how discouraged I was as a manager. I really gained great insights and tools in this workshop to achieve great results as a manager!
  • The class was very beneficial and the teacher was great– very knowledge, personable, and supportive.
  • I learned best practices for supervising others and I appreciated the great conversations in the class.  We really got to talk about our organizations and where we are!
  • WOW—everything was engaging, energizing— it brings new energy to my work!
  • I really related to the examples and loved the opportunity to break into small groups and practice new skills.
  • The training was very interactive, clear and informative.
  • I really related to the examples and loved the opportunity to break into small groups and practice new skills.

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