Building Rock Star Leadership Habits:  Clarity, Focus and Productivity – Part 3

Building Rock Star Leadership Habits:  Clarity, Focus and Productivity – Part 3

by Dr. Ginny Trierweiler, Leadership Coach

This post is one in a series on developing the discipline and habits of rock star leaders. This is the third post on building clarity, focus and productivity.

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The Sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” — Alexander Graham Bell 

In the last two posts, we addressed 2 of the habits leaders need in order to build clarity, focus and productivity.  They were the habits of 1) focusing on the most important goals and priorities and 2) growing, and fiercely protecting, your attention span.

These habits are critical to develop if you are to become a world class leader and achieve meaningful results for your organization. 

In this post, we will address 3 additional habits that can really help a leader achieve greater focus, clarity and productivity.

Chunk your work. 

Sometimes, when we are approaching a big project, we can find ourselves spinning our wheels.  Somehow, the project keeps stalling, or maybe it never even gets started! 

When a project is complex or otherwise looks daunting, it can discombobulate our brains and cause us to procrastinate.  In these situations, it can really help to chunk the project into bite-sized bits and, then, do those bits on a schedule.  Pretty soon, you will have built momentum and the project will be coming together as it should. 

Consider doing a project in 20 minute blocks.  Get psyched up for spending 20 very focused minutes working on this project. You will give it all you’ve got.  You won’t check email or answer your phone, you won’t look at anything else until that 20 minute alarm goes off.  Repeat until the work is done.

Spread the work around. Delegate.  As leaders, perfectionism is not our friend.  We cannot become highly effective leaders if we try to do it all ourselves.  Every successful leader must delegate work in order to be able to focus on the big goals.  And we won’t be highly effective if we just delegate the menial busy work to others; we must delegate meaningful work. 

When deciding how to spend your time, ask yourself– is this work best done by you, or could someone else do it?

Find your hacks. 

  • Many people find that meditation or regular walks in nature help them to feel calmer and happier and to get more done.
  • I also like to make lots of meals on Sunday for the week so I don’t have to prepare lunches every day or do all the meal prep of dinner when I get home from work tired and hungry.
  • What’s your best productivity and focus hack?


Focus, clarity and productivity habits are absolutely critical for leaders to develop.  Which of these will be most valuable for you to build in at this time?


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