Develop Yourself as a Leader: Build Rock Star Leadership Habits

by Dr. Ginny Trierweiler, Leadership Coach

I provide executive coaching to all kinds of leaders, from Presidents and CEOs to nonprofit leaders to orchestra directors to others (even to parents who want to be more successful leaders with their children).

One issue that frequently surfaces these days is that leaders tend to feel stretched thin, stressed out, and ineffective (or, at least, less effective than they want to be).  Far too many of our society’s leaders are feeling inadequate, unfulfilled and unhappy.

Sometimes we resolve these challenges by doing some planning work. We clarify the desired outcomes and identify the steps to achieving them. We develop a way of evaluating how implementation is working and a strategy for course-correcting whatever isn’t working. 

Sometimes we identify barriers to effective implementation of a project or program, and find ways to develop solutions. 

Sometimes we discover that there are personnel issues that must be addressed in order to get organizational functioning “unstuck.”

And, as we advance in the coaching process, we often realize that there are key ways that the leader themselves could develop greater effectiveness. Some have bad habits that get in the way of doing their best work and, once we address those, the leader frees up all kinds of energy and becomes much more effective again. 

Most leaders can benefit from developing stronger good habits in order to become the best leaders they can be. If you want to become the best leader you can be, achieve excellent business/ organizational results and still enjoy life, you want to develop the following habits:

  1. Maintaining good self-awareness and managing your own emotional state and reactions (one half of emotional intelligence)
  2. Maintaining good awareness of others and managing relationships well (the other half of emotional intelligence)
  3. Self-development—the discipline to continually learn and develop oneself
  4. Self-care—the discipline to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and fitness
  5. Clarity, time management and productivity—the discipline to sustain focus toward results
  6. Strengths focus—the discipline to focus more on strengths and what is working more than what’s wrong, “front side” energy, notice and celebrate achievements and success, 7:1 principle
  7. Integrity—the discipline to be true to your word—both to others and to yourself
  8. Proactive, responsive, holding a positive attitude toward challenge

This post is the first in a series on developing the discipline and habits of rock star leaders. 

Let me know what you have learned about the important habits of highly effective leaders!

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