Entrepreneur Coaching/ Mentoring

I help socially conscious, mission-based leaders achieve great social impact with coaching and mentoring in the key areas they need to get unstuck:


  1. First, let’s articulate an inspiring vision. For some, this includes making a big, broad impact in the world while, for others, it includes helping a smaller number of people achieve a major life transformation. But it needs to inspire you to build what must be built to make the difference you were born to make.
  2. Let’s make sure you have a viable business model. This includes who you serve, your niche.  It also includes how you serve them and how your services packaged and priced.
  3. And it involves giving careful thought to how the business model is designed to ensure that you consistently generate revenues well in excess of expenses. Otherwise, we won’t be in business long enough to make a difference, right?!
  4. Get your basic business plan clear enough that you can articulate it to yourself, any potential funder or investor, and anyone you hire on staff or as a consultant.


  1. Nail your marketing messages – they must speak to your prospective clients’ deeply felt needs and desires. These often don’t come to you overnight, but require increasing understanding of who your clients are and what they’re searching for.
  2. Identify the best marketing strategies for you and your business. There are many marketing strategies and we can very distracted by trying too many. Let’s figure out the best 1 – 3 strategies for YOU and your business, and
  3. Build an effective marketing plan. Here you write down your key marketing messages and strategies, outlining (at least in rough) intentions, key activities and timelines.
  4. Become a master at marketing– implement, learn, and refine your approach to make it increasingly effective in attracting your ideal clients.


  1. Learn to use your time to move your business forward in a timely manner. Leaders of all types need to manage their schedules and their focus. We work on how to do daily, weekly, monthly, annual planning to ensure that you are focusing on the most important business activities for moving your business decisively forward NOW.
  2. Build your transformative program. Your clients are seeking transformation. You know you can help them achieve that.  It’s important to build a program or a package of services that gets them the transformation they seek.
  3. Have a vision for hiring staff that allows you to build the healthiest, strongest team, and business, possible.
  4. Master empowered action. There are many ways entrepreneurs and business leaders become stuck and end up spinning in circles.  Whether because of technology challenges, failed marketing approaches, or confusion on a key element of the business, this stuckness can persist for weeks, months and years, and it can doom your business. When you get stuck, your clients lose out on precious time for making the changes they need to make. And you fail to make the difference in the world you were born to make. You need an approach that works for you to get unstuck when you get stuck.
  5. Leadership development—all serious business leaders invest in their own development. You need a plan for investing in your own development, generally, every year you are in business. What is your leadership development focus for this year?