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All my work is with successful mission-based leaders seeking to take their leadership, and organizations seeking to take their impact, to the next level. 

My clients represent a new generation of conscious leaders on a mission to improve the lives of people in their communities.  They are:

  • leaders in mission-based organizations, such as:
    • schools, school districts, and state and local education agencies
    • health and human service organizations and agencies
    • arts and culture organizations
    • nonprofit and other mission-based organizations
  • committed to creating great value in their organization and to living a balanced life
  • ready to take their leadership, and their organizations, to the next level

“Our leadership team was transformed… the best board facilitator/ consultant I have worked with, a true stand out.”–  Brigid Whitehead, Board Chair



“Our leadership team was transformed… the best board facilitator/ consultant I have worked with, a true stand out.”–  Brigid Whitehead, Board Chair

“Ginny maintains a great balance as a facilitator for strategy planning.  She made it safe for us to explore new ideas, while guiding us in a forward direction. She is adaptable and responsive, while being skillful at keeping the group on track.  It felt magical the way the process resulted in a clear big picture goal for the next 5 years.” —  League of Women Voters Boulder County

“Our Montessori charter school was poised to grow in future years and the leadership team wanted to do so very thoughtfully. Working with Ginny over several months gave us a great process to plan. We gained significant clarity through the process and found Ginny a pleasure to work with.”  Leslie Kemp, Board President, Salida Montessori Charter School

“Our leadership team sought the professional services of Dr. Ginny to strengthen our results on an important, multi-million dollar federal grant project. She helped us with planning, clarity, communication and focus. What made the greatest difference was how much we strengthened project leadership and improved use of leaders’ time on the project. We strongly recommend that other organizations seeking to strengthen their leadership and advance their missions utilize Ginny’s coaching and consultation services.”  Sarah Mathew, Director Health and Wellness Unit, Department of Education, State of Colorado

“Ginny has an excellent eye for understanding the complexities of an organization. Her ability to create a vision, to problem solve, to build a team and to articulate her strategy has allowed her to successfully build organizations and lead them.”  — Maria Guajardo, Ph.D., Dean of International Studies, Soka University of Japan

“Ginny is a visionary… an authentic, dedicated and humble professional that seeks to empower others towards their greatest potential while providing a vision for the advancement of the organization as a whole.” — Jennifer Olson,  Chief Operating Officer, Family Star Montessori School

“Ginny is a passionate and committed leader, able to put vision into action, all the while insuring a vibrant, inclusive culture. ”  – Lisa Marie Main, Chief Operating Officer, Verus Global

“Ginny’s sharp, creative mind pairs with her boundless compassion to make her one of the strongest leaders I’ve known.  She transcends conventional solutions, and pushes her colleagues and her field to new and better practices.”– Cindy Wakefield, retired, Colorado Department of Education

“I never knew I could look for a job that really fit  my natural talents.  Why didn’t anybody ask me these questions in school?”  — career coaching client


My clients have discovered how helpful it can be to have an expert from outside their organization to help:

  • identify what’s working, what’s not, and where the greatest opportunities for advancing the mission lie;
  • develop the organization’s leaders;
  • facilitate leadership’s ability to move their organization’s mission decisively forward, whether through facilitating meetings, analysis of the financial model, or developing the ability of various leadership groups to effectively lead the way forward.

Past Business Leadership Consulting clients:

  • State of Colorado
  • Denver Mayor’s Office
  • The Children’s Hospital, Denver
  • League of Women Voters
  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health
  • Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Mental Health Center Boulder and Broomfield
  • Mental Health America
  • San LuisValley Behavioral Health Group
  • Adult Mental Health Services Wyoming
  • Colorado Association of School Based Health Centers
  • Arapahoe House
  • Chaffee County Montessori School
  • Salida Montessori Charter School
  • Family Star Montessori School
  • School Based Health Center Expansion
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund
  • Blue Ribbon Policy Council
  • Kid Connects
  • Arvada Center Chorale
  • Lafayette Theatre


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