Dr. Ginny Trierweiler, Leadership Advancement Coach/ Organizational Consultant

Helping mission-based leaders achieve great impact!

Are you leading an organization with a great mission, yet feeling your results aren’t what they ought to be?  

Would you like support for developing your skills as a leader or building a dream team that can consistently move your mission forward together?

I help mission-based leaders achieve great social impact through leadership development and organizational consulting. Whether your organization needs a new strategic plan, improved focus and cohesion for the existing plan, or a major shift in organizational culture, it would be my humble pleasure to facilitate your leadership advancement. 

Leadership Advancement Coaching– with a skilled and supportive executive coach — can be just what you need to get to the next level!

I help mission-based leaders achieve great social impact:

  1. Become the skillful and effective leader you know you can be! 
    • developing executive leader effectiveness
    • building high-performing leadership teams
  2. Make sure your business activities match your intent!
    • Strategic business analysis and planning
    • Are we spending our time wisely?
    • Are there important opportunities we ought to explore?
    • How can we increase our focus and momentum?
  3. Make sure you’re achieving the desired impact!
    • Mission-based organizations don’t achieve great outcomes without achieving clarity about what’s important,  intentional planning and intelligent allocation of resources to implementation.
  4. Process and meeting facilitation – many leadership groups benefit having an expert facilitator guide certain work.  Whether your executive team, operations team or board of directors needs to spend their time better and get more done, meeting and process facilitation can guide your leaders in developing the practices that support high-performing leadership teams.

CREDENTIALS: Dr. Ginny Trierweiler has years of experience as a leadership coach and organizational consultant which have allowed her to build a wealth of strategies for training, coaching, and consulting to leaders and organizations.

    • Ph.D. Dr. Ginny’s doctorate in psychology reflects both expertise in human growth and development and expertise in research and outcomes evaluation.
    • Board Certified Coach Dr. Ginny obtained board certification in personal and executive coaching in order to clearly differentiate between therapy (problem-based) and coaching (growth and potential-based).  
    • Executive Leadership Background Dr. Ginny held progressive leadership responsibilities in multi-site, multi-million dollar mission-based organizations for 20 years, earning a clear understanding of the real challenges leaders confront. As Director of Child & Family Services for one of the largest community mental health centers in the country and, later, as CEO of a nationally renowned Montessori school, she led major transitions, achieved major organizational culture improvements, achieved new revenues and increases in access, and figured out how to massively improve an organization’s reputation. She brings her hard-won leadership lessons to coaching her clients to achieve the results they dream of achieving.
    •  Organizational Consultant – For more than 5 years, Ginny Trierweiler consulting has provided consultation services focused on strategic planning and outcomes evaluation to mission-based organizations.  With a focus on what will make the most positive difference, she has achieved high levels of satisfaction with her clients. 

All of Dr. Ginny’s work is directed toward unleashing the great potential in people and organizations to achieve breakthrough results that make communities better for people. 


Please get in touch if you would like to talk to me about advancing leadership effectiveness, planning, or demonstrating results

drginny@masteringmission.com or (720) 443-5056