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You might be surprised how often this disrupts leadership team functioning

If your organization lacks clear direction, you will not have a high-functioning leadership team. Agreement and clarity about the shared vision, key goals and strategies is one of the key elements for building a dynamic, united, high-performing leadership team to lead your mission-based work. Continue reading

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The First Step to Building a High Performing Leadership Team

It is neither easy nor common to build a dynamic, united leadership team in which leaders lead in the same direction and even amplify each other’s efforts. It all starts with hiring and promoting the right leaders… Continue reading

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Is your mission-based leadership team effectively united and dynamic ?

How united, dynamic, and truly effective is your leadership team? To what extent are staff leaders– and board leaders– leading in the same direction, even amplifying each others’ efforts? You can greatly enhance your organization’s effectiveness and impact when you build a great, high functioning leadership team! Continue reading

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